The modern look of our new generation of employees

Welcome to Workforce 2.0

Welcome to the new workforce. They are mobile. They don’t want to see PCs. They are virtual. They expect technology to let them work the same way they would in the office. They still want to get involved and feel in on things, but they don’t need to see your physical eyes to perform. They are social. They break privacy barriers and share what they had for lunch with everyone in the world. They look at loyalty to their employer differently. They demand more. Things offered only by the best employers 20 years ago are now taken for granted. They dictate how you work. They put your business data on their own devices. This is your new team. You can’t fight them and you shouldn’t. You should accommodate them and focus their new knowledge and behavior to achieve your own goals by using the right tools and the most appropriate processes.

But it doesn’t stop here. Technology is so fast, it will change faster than you can say “wow”. Virtual reality will soon dominate the workplace and become the new norm. Employees will learn, work, and socialize in VR. Robots will replace manual tasks and shift humans towards intelligent work. Then robots will take over intelligent tasks and humans will spend time on the next big thing to dominate the workplace.

Change will come quickly. Traditional HR software vendors simply won’t survive. Workday, the youngest enterprise software company other than Workuments, is over a decade old. That’s ancient in technology years. When Workday started, they wanted to reinvent Peoplesoft, which was 10 years old at the time, and they called Peoplesoft a dinosaur. Now Workday is older than a dinosaur and the rest of the industry doesn’t even show up in history books.

The new technology for managing Workforce 2.0 should be forward-looking. Not figuring out trends that emerged over the past five years and putting them in the software a year later, but foreseeing things the new workforce will want to do in the next five years and making it available today. Your new workforce won’t wait. They have no loyalty.

Welcome to Workforce 2.0. Are you ready?

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