Six Ways to know if you should change your HRMS

A Human Resource Management System is a key part of any organization. With the ability to automate many HR and operational functions such as recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, scheduling and performance management, many businesses have already integrated a system into their workflows. With the vast amount of HR software solutions available, many companies have realized that their full needs are not being met with their current software. However, instead of changing providers, they have chosen to try and work around the inefficiencies.

If you aren’t getting what you want or need from your HR software, you could be hurting your business rather than helping it. Below is a list of six ways to know if you should start looking into a new HR solution for your organization.

  1. It is not offering you EVERYTHING you are looking for. An HR solution should be just that – a solution. It should be set up to meet all your needs, not just some of them. If some of your needs are not met and you resort to workarounds or manual processes, you spend your money on extra manual labor and confront operational risks, ranging from compliance to financial mismanagement. Either way, having such manual processes and risks increases your costs. Even if the new HR software will cost more than your current solution, such an increase will reduce your overall cost and reduce risk.
  2. It is not a solution focused on your industry. Each industry is unique. Choosing a custom HR solution that is built with your industry in mind allows you certain features and benefits that an “out of the box” solution can not offer. For example, perhaps a new law or regulation is put in place that affects your industry and HR practices directly. A “one size fits all” is less likely to update their system offerings to comply with the new standards.  A solution that is not designed for your industry can not offer you everything that your organization needs to run efficiently. Your solution should be designed specifically for your company’s goals, initiatives and the future.
  3. Poor customer support or understanding of your needs.  HR software is not a toy – you use it to run a business and it’s a critical day to day function. That’s why it should come with an appropriate level of support. Most HR software companies employ customer service agents who are not aware of your company and your unique needs. If your current vendor provides poor support, is full of empty promises, otherwise doesn’t deliver or charges a lot of money for basic things, you are putting your critical functions at risk and hurting your organization by not switching to another vendor.
  4. You Are Struggling To Automate & Integrate Simple Business Processes. The HR Department of any size organization is responsible for many tasks. Automating human resources provides you with numerous benefits such as managing performance, payroll, attendance and benefits. If your current HR system makes any of these tasks difficult to manage or control, productivity and efficiency throughout your organization could decrease. In addition, mismanagement of an HRMS can lead to errors on important documents that may go unseen until the mistake turns into an issue that involves multiple parties to correct. If an HR system ever makes a organization’s workflows more difficult or tedious, it is time to change your provider.
  5. Your HR software can’t keep up with your rate of change or innovation. Growth and change are essential in every business. Ideas are constantly being brought to the table on ways to improve, and if your HRMS doesn’t allow you to initiate those plans, it is impossible to move forward. Finding a solution that grows with you rather than inhibits you is key. Another issue that many companies deal with is waiting on their current provider to update their software or launch a new module in order for the company to use certain functionality within the software. Your business is not going to wait on anyone or anything to change; when a need arises, it is critical to have an HR provider that can fulfill your requests and let you get back to building your business.
  6. Your people are treated like data instead of people. With competition growing everyday, companies are focused on developing strong business strategies that allow them to become more effective and efficient. More and more industries are starting to realize just how much of an asset their employees really are and have  begun creating game plans to strengthen their workforce.  An HR system that is centered around paper functions rather than human-asset management and development is outdated.  Regardless of the industry, every company needs an HR solution that is centered around your organization and your people and focuses on aligned company initiatives and goals with HR workflows and processes.

Hopefully by now you have a good idea of whether or not you need to change the provider of your talent management software. Many people may be realizing the need to change, but not know where to start because changing your workforce communication and  management hub can be a complicated undertaking. However, a great software vendor has a framework available to help you ease the transition process.

Workuments is an HRMS that partners with organizations to build a unique HR solution based on their specific needs and wants. Choosing an industry specific solution is only the foundation; Workuments is designed to easily integrate into organization’s current processes and adjust to any of our client’s requests. Work with one of our customer concierge that is handpicked to manage your account specifically. Experience a solution that aligns with your organizations goals and mission and let the software work for you.

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