How HR Can Build A Stronger Workforce Within The Construction Industry

Construction workers are usually well-prepared to do their jobs. Yet, employers often find that they are not getting the optimal level of performance from them. While some of the challenges originate from the very people being hired, many performance related matters can be resolved through a proper implementation of HR processes.

Below are five common issues seen in the construction industry and how a good HR process can address them.

  1. Inadequate Planning. Poor planning on job sites can lead to things such as deficient scope control, inaccurate estimates, resource misuse, and completion delays. It can further cause loss of a talented workforce and misconceptions about the organization as a whole. Building a process to prevent or mitigate risks associated with staff absence, overtime, sudden shift changes, and compliance issues can prevent unforeseen situations to turn into issues for the company. HR departments can use talent management software to help construction companies reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve the planning process by organizing and storing all important documentation electronically in one centralized location.
  2. Lack of communication. Construction jobs require all team members to be collaborating in order for the work to be completed with precision. Working together requires successfully communicating ideas, goals and viewpoints. The construction industry is made up of many diverse workers who look, speak and think differently. It is the responsibility of the HR department to implement methods of communicating that all workers can gain an understanding from. HR departments can help bridge the communication gap by offering tools that allows every member of your team to communicate instantly, seamlessly and effortlessly from one platform.
  3. Uncontrolled Growth. A construction workforce is largely made up of transient contractors. While this can be advantageous in the moment, it also brings a lot of possible issues for the HR department. From paperwork to compliance regulations, keeping up with the workforce in a construction industry is not an easy task for HR. Fortunately, HR software that is made specifically with the construction industry in mind, focuses on these unique issues and helps to take the pressure off the day to day workload.
  4. Costs out of control. For construction companies to turn a profit, project cost management is essential. With labor costs being an essential component of the budget, labor optimization is one of the biggest drivers of efficiency. While operations staff usually has a good understanding of the labor cost structure, HR departments can deliver additional insights through the use of talent management software, thereby positively impacting the company’s bottom line.
  5. Lack of skilled workers. Due to the rising number of unskilled workers within the construction industry, many companies have resorted to bringing in different talent at certain stages of the project to complete certain tasks. Keeping track of the constant changes with who is on which job at what time and who will be on it next can be a nightmare for the HR department if it’s ill-prepared. An talent management software product designed for the construction industry allows organizations to train poorly performing or poorly skilled  employees without being on site. Providing a workforce with the tools and resources to grow as a worker not only provides a more versatile team, but also leads to an increase in employee morale, productivity and efficiency.

Creating a stronger strategy around human resource challenges requires building a framework that will work with you and help you reach your company goals such as automation tools for paper processes and communication and the flexibility to develop workflows that will benefit the company.

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